Infinity Estate Sales

Below you will find the answers to questions we frequently receive from our clients regarding estate sales and Infinity Estate Sales.  These frequently asked questions and answers are placed here for your convenience, but are certainly not intended to take the place of a personal conversation.  We look forward to speaking with you regarding your specific needs and situation.  Feel free to call us at 619-710-9578.

 Q: Are estate sales just for the extremely wealthy?

A:  No.  The term "estate sale" does have a fancy ring to it, but they are not just for the extremely wealthy.  All types of items are sold at "estate sales" from jewelry to an old wrench.  At estate sales we sell everything, but the house. 

Q:  What are the upfront or out of pocket cost for my estate sale?

A:  None.  Infinity Estate Sales is paid a commission from the items sold.
Q: How should a prepare for my free consultation visit with Infinity Estate Sales? 

A: Please do not prepare for us or throw any items away. Call us and allow us to view
all items.  Leave the sale preparations to us. 

 Q: Who determines the asking price for each item?

A: Infinity Estate Sales prices each item.  In the event we find it necessary to use the services of a specialty appraiser Infinity Estate Sales covers those cost. 

Q: What type of security measures does Infinity Estate Sales take to insure my items are safe?

A:  We have a law enforcement professional on staff that is our security consultant.  He insures we have adequate staffing and security procedures in place prior to and during the sale.  In most cases we have at least one off duty law enforcement officer on site at all times, at no additional cost to you.

Q: Is Infinity Estate Sales bonded?

A:  Yes, we feel it is important for us to be bonded.  This provides our clients with the additional peace of mind that comes along with dealing with a bonded company.  We are also one of the few estate sale companies in San Diego County that are Better Business Bureau Accredited and have an A+ rating.

 Q: How do you get customers to my sale?

A:  We advertise and promote your sale in a variety of ways including, but not limited to local newspapers, online resources, social networking/media mailing list and our famous red white and blue estate sale signs are some of the ways we get shoppers to our sales.

Q: What happens after the estate sale?

A:  After the estate sale we remove any remaining items per our written agreement.  This may consist of arranging for a haul away service, charitable donation or other arrangements.  In any case your property will be left clean and free of unwanted items.  Within three business days we send you a check for your portion of the sale.

Q: I have additional questions for Infinity Estate Sales, how do I get them answered?

A:  Please feel free to call us at 619-710-9578 or e-mail us at info@InfinityEstateSales.com